KS 100 Biodiesel – The Key to Sustainability

As mineral oil reserves become ever harder to locate and extract, the world is looking for alternative energy sources. Concurrently governments around the world are setting ambitious targets for the sustainable reduction of CO2 and more and more organizations are making the switch to biodiesel. KS 100 is environmental friendly product, biodiesel which is derived from Candlenut.

KS 100 is environmental friendly product, biodiesel which is derived from Candlenut. As an alternative fuel, KS100 biodiesel provides compelling advantages and significant benefits :

  • Emits 85% less CO2 emissions than fossil fuel
  • Switching to biodiesel incurs no engine modification
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • High flashpoint, which makes the fuel safer to handle
  • Generate employment, stimulate growth, cut costs and allow local peoples to gain control of their own fuel
  • Rising to the military challenge to safeguard the environment and to produce their own biofuel economically and efficiently at the point of use, especially at the border territory.

R20 Indonesia - KS 100 Biodiesel plantation area covers 38,000 Ha with estimate biodiesel output of 128,000 MTPA by 2020 and additional production of 176,000 MTPA by 2025.The pioneer plantation can be found in West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.

KS100 Biofuel is committed to fulfil local community energy needs, reduce carbon emission and mitigate climate change, create jobs, alleviate poverty and promote local economy through optimizing local community capabilities.

Reaching out to existing farmers and individual coop within Indonesia, who have planted the KS100 and provide small unit machinery to produce 600 - 1000 litre of biodiesel daily at village or cluster farmers whom harvest KS100 nut of 3 – 5 ton daily. Such program activity is also intended to scale up productivity and improve the parameters of the plantation, processing and production to achieve the best experience, training and technology development.

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