Hanoi Community Waste to Energy Pilot Project

Being one of the capital of Vietnam and a city population of over 8 millions, Hanoi generates more than 6000 tons of community waste daily and estimated to produce more than 12.000 tons of waste by 2050.

Regions 20 Asia Pacific has entered into cooperation with Hanoi to share the value chain of sustainable community waste treatment facility which generates eco-friendly energy output.

R20 Asia-Pacific in delivering the project has worked together with its associate from Indonesia, CMJE (Citra Metro Jaya Energi) an independent enterprise with longstanding ecperince in power plant and recently focus on sophisticate green technology of waste to energy in few big cities within ASEAN.

The Hanoi Waste to Energy pilot project will process 500T of community waste per day to produce 12 MW of power output, and is expected in its expansion by 2020 to generate 60 MW power output from the total of 2000T community waste per day. The location of the pilot project is at Xuân Sơn, Sơn Tây, Hanoi City.

The technology adopted is based on gasification with zero-waste and technology has been patented by CMJE, Indonesia. The flow of the process combine the technology from EU countries and co-develop to meet the condition of the majority wet waste of most high populated cities in ASEAN, suitable to process all kinds of waste both from the landfill as well the new one coming from the city of Hanoi. Gasification process has been proven to convert bio-char or biomass into synthetic gas.

This technology is not only eco-friendly but high efficiency and it doesn’t produce toxic waste and pollution. The highlight of this competitive project will make Hanoi a forerunner of zero-waste city that upholds the Sustainable Development Goals.

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